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WRHY - Starview, Pennsylvania


This was my first professional gig where I worked part-time starting on July 1, 1978. Starview 92 was the heritage AOR station in the Harrisburg-Lancaster-York market and my mentor, RJ Harris, was my Program Director.

While I was working at Starview on weekends, I was also working full-time third shift at Motor Masters in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia, over 100 miles away. That payed the bills. Motor Masters was an automotive warehouse. I had the pleasure of loading and unloading trucks, stocking shelves and filling orders. It was the year that the Larry King Show started on the Mutual Broadcasting System and we would listen to him all night while we worked.

Since I didn't own a car, that meant getting off my shift at 7am in the morning, taking two bus lines to get back home, taking another bus to the Broad Street subway station at Fern Rock, taking that to the Market-Frankford line, and then taking the train out to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It essentially took all day. RJ (Rick Harris) would pick me up at the train station, take me to his house or the station, depending upon what weekend shifts I was doing. Going to the station meant sleeping on the floor. There were no pillows or anything and I usually woke up for the 6am Saturday morning shift more tired than I'd been before I fell asleep. RJ would come buy and throw me a cheeseburger or two and then on Sunday take me back to the train station where I would do the trip in reverse. It was tough and I sounded awful.

Rick went far out of his way to help me get started.

Then, in October, I left to work for Hall Communications in Lancaster and for Greater Media, Inc. in Philadelphia.






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