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Edwin Price, Sr


My great grandfather, Edwin was the 7th son of Thomas Price and Elizabeth Lewis. He was born in 1851 and left Monmouthshire in 1871 to work in the coal mines near Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 1887, he bought a farm in Philadelphia and married Jacob Engelman's daughter, Mary Esther Engelman.

Norman Francis Long


Norman married Minnie May Baldy in 1896 and had a family of eight children. He relocated from Northumberland County to Philadelphia during the Coal strike of 1902 and later moved to Northeast Philadelphia where he made his home on Ashburner Street in Holmesburg. He was my great grandfather.

Jacob Engelman


Jacob was on the first ship to leave New York to head for gold fields of California in 1849... he operated a business and sold supplies to the prospectors. He returned to Philadelphia about 1858 and married Sarah Rosanna Schlichter in 1860. He was my great great grandfather.

Gregory Dzwinka


The anglicized version of Gregory's name was Harry Swinko. He came to America from Galicia in the Austria-Hungary Empire in 1913. In 1914, he married Anna Halaburda. My grandfather worked in the anthracite coal mines as a carpenter and then bought a 65 acre farm in Catawissa, PA. He and Anna had seven children.


The original version of this website was created in 1995. The main focus has always been genealogy, but, there is more. One section is devoted to my career in radio broadcasting. I do appreciate your visit and hope that you enjoy it!



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       1756 - 1830

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       From Haarlem to Philadelphia

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Our Ancestors

Jesse Conard

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Originally from Bucks County, Jesse was a shoemaker by trade. He served in the Union Army during Civil War under the alias, "John Davis". He married Margaret Conroy in 1889 in Philadelphia. Together they had seven children.

Robert Peters

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Robert was born in 1860 in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. In 1877 he moved with his parents to Cambridge on Maryland's Eastern Shore. About 1883, Robert married Sarah Jane Horseman, with whom he had twelve children.

Wasyl Halaburda

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My great grandfather, Wasyl T. Halaburda, was born in Binczarowa, Galicia in the Austria-Hungary Empire in 1861. He came to Pennsylvania in 1887, where he would marry Tatianna Trochanowski in 1888, with whom he would have eleven children.

Alexander Fife

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Alexander ran away from his home in Scotland by stowing aboard a ship bound for America in 1888. His ancestry is a bit of a mystery. In 1893 he married Mary E. Hewes from Delaware County. They had seven children.


I am not a professional genealogist, although I have been doing this for several decades and I am happy to help if I can. I have a tremendous interest in Pennsylvania genealogy, especially Philadelphia, Berks and Northumberland counties, as well as Cwmyoy in Monmouthshire, Wales. Honestly, I can't really help with British research. I'm stuck back at 1805 myself. But, I can help with Mid-Atlantic State searches, especially Pennsylvania, back to about 1850.

So, here are a few guidelines; Please include the full name of the person about whom you are seeking more information including the maiden names for females if you know them, as much date event information as you can (birth, death, marriage, etc.), names of siblings and location data.

If you send an email and ask, "Are we related?", without any details, the answer is, "Yes". Because, we're all related. The problem is I won't be able to tell how! Chances are that we're NOT closely related on the Price side of my family. Unless you're a descendant of John Robert Price, who settled in Boone, Iowa, Peter Price from Scranton, or Edwin Price from Philadelphia, then your guess is as good as mine.

It also helps if you acknowledge any response you get from me with a reply. I'm especially fond of terms like, "thank you". It can inspire me to help you even more. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best of Luck in Your Genealogical Quest!

- Greg Price


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